Nembutal patient investigated by AHPRA

Janine Wilson, 58-year-old sister of the late Wendy Benton, who died after taking Nembutal in 2011, says the officers rifled through her underwear and recorded her without permission in a fruitless search for her deceased sister’s laptop.

“It was like being burgled while I watched,” Ms Wilson told MO last week. She said two AHPRA investigators had turned up at her home in Victor Harbour, South Australia, on 30 October without notice and questioned her for almost half an hour before revealing the interview was being recorded.

She said despite her explanations that Ms Benton’s laptop had been wiped and given to a relative after her death, the investigators had then told her they had to search the house. Ms Wilson said she did not request to view a search warrant because she believed she had no choice but to accede.

Ms Wilson said they had revealed the conversation was being recorded after asking her about Ms Benton’s