New crop of Aussie stars shine - Wasted on the Young (MA15+)

A NEW crop of Australian films is starting to appear in cinemas, and from the few I’ve seen, there are some standouts – Wasted on the Young being one of them. 

It’s a debut film from WA-based Ben Lucas, set in the rarified world of an exclusive private school in Perth.

You know the walk, that strut from young men who believe they are the masters of their universe. Zack (Russell) is the leader of the pack, a rich boy whose father has recently married the mother of Darren (Ackland). The relationship between the stepbrothers is an uneasy one, and it’s destined to become poisonous.

Zack’s henchmen are Brook (Power) and Shay (Cullen). They are all stars of the school’s swimming team, and the way the swimming races are shot is beautiful and yet slightly sinister.

When young, blonde and very pretty Xandrie (Clemens) indicates an interest in the more academic Darren, Alex’s ego is dented.