New electronic pelvic floor exercise system

The PeriCoach System, available next month, involves a sensor device, a web portal and smartphone app.

Brisbane GP Dr Michael Mansour, chairman of the company that pioneered the device, said many women report having difficulty performing pelvic floor exercises correctly because they don’t know if they are engaging the correct muscles.

According to Dr Mansour, PeriCoach sensors measure pressure in the two major muscles of the pelvic floor, the puborectalis and pubococcygeus, and can distinguish this from pressure in the vagina caused by intra-abdominal contractions, where many women incorrectly direct their efforts.

The sensor is inserted prior to pelvic floor exercise and provides real-time, audio-visual feedback on the effectiveness of the contractions. Exercise readings are then automatically transmitted via a smartphone app to a secure online account that treating GPs or other clinicians can access to check