New laws force doctor disclosure to employers

NSW Health Minister Jillian Skinner vowed to tighten the rules in the face of renewed publicity over the case of neurosurgeon Suresh Nair, who continued operating at a Western Sydney hospital long after health authorities learned of his cocaine addiction in 2004. 

The ABC’s Four Corners will tonight screen a report on the Nair case, investigating how the disgraced surgeon was allowed to go on working for five years after his initial suspension for cocaine use despite a complaint to the medical board.

Nair was not stripped of his registration until 2010, after two young female escorts had died from overdoses of cocaine at his apartment in 2009.   

Subsequently, he was sentenced to five years and three months’ jail for manslaughter and is expected soon to be deported to his native Malaysia. 

“The NSW government will be introducing changes to legislation that will allow employers to know about