New RACGP boss vows to raise general practice profile

Winning the presidency is “an enormous privilege”, Professor Jones told MO after the election result was announced on Monday.

A top priority for his leadership would be to raise the profile of general practice as the crucial element of the health system.

“We are still looked at as the poor cousin in our community sometimes, among our specialist colleagues and by government as well,” Professor Jones said.

“Yet we are the expert generalists of the 21st century, because we deal with incredibly complex problems, not just medical issues but social ones as well.”

As a GP for 30 years in his hometown of Mandurah, south of Perth, Dr Jones has seen his community rise from a small town to a city, while his practice has grown from a four-person operation to one with six partners and 21 doctors.

“I’ve had to change, too, becoming less of a procedural GP – though I can tell you I am