NHMRC-funded research to be made free to public

From July, all NHMRC-funded research must be made freely available on the websites of the research institutions within 12 months of publication, CEO Professor Warwick Anderson said.

The NHMRC was liaising with Universities Australia to create a system to allow published study findings to be shared by all of the nation’s university libraries online, a spokesperson said.

The mandate coincides with mounting pressure from academics worldwide to improve access to taxpayer funded research including a boycott of publishing giant Elsevier.

More than 7000 researchers and academics, including Australian National University professor of immunology Arno Mullbacher and Brisbane Mater Hospital director of pathology Professor Deon Venter, have signed an online petition claiming Elsevier charges “exorbitantly high prices” and supports measures “that restrict the free exchange of information”.

Along with refusing to publish,