Night of the wordsmiths promises insight into doctors’ emigration

SOME doctors have a gift with the pen, and the latest AMA (NSW) creative doctors’ night promises to showcase a wealth of talented wordsmiths. 

One such writer due to read an excerpt of his book on the night, retired GP Dr Peter Arnold, poses an interesting question: Has the Australian Government “poached” South African doctors?

“I wondered if Australia needed to feel guilty about poaching South African doctors, and one point that came out quite clearly [in researching the book] was that… [these doctors] weren’t attracted to Australia – they were repulsed by South Africa,” Dr Arnold said.

Dr Arnold began writing his book, A Unique Migration: South African Doctors Fleeing to Australia, almost three years ago when he decided to get in touch with South African doctors who had migrated here. 

Based on more than 460 responses, the book provides an intriguing insight into their