No doubt baby’s neck was fractured, doctors say

It was reported last month that a four-month-old Melbourne baby sustained a fracture to the upper cervical vertebra following an adjustment.

Yesterday the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia (CAA) demanded an apology for a smear on the profession, saying the AHPRA report found no evidence of a fracture in the baby, who was diagnosed with congenital spondylosis.

The report by an independent chiropractor, tabled in the Queensland parliament yesterday, outlined a number of criticisms of the chiropractor but said the treatment described would not create sufficient force to cause a C1 or C2 fracture in an infant. 

However, an expert has said the report was poorly conducted and lacked specialist knowledge.

Spinal surgeon Mr John Cunningham said he and his colleagues had no doubt the child suffered a fracture.

“The radiology report promoted by the CAA was a CT performed around the time of the injury,” he said