No ill effects after public homeopathic overdose

Australian protesters have carried out – and survived – a mass ‘overdose’ of homeopathic sleeping pills as part of worldwide demonstrations to highlight the questionable efficacy of the treatments. 

Attendees at a Melbourne ‘overdose’ event last week – co-ordinated by UK-based anti-homeopathic movement 10:23 – took up to 20 times the recommended dose of the treatment.

No ill effects were reported by any of those who took part.

The group also used the demonstration to call on the TGA to mandate additional labelling requirements for homeopathic products.

La Trobe University senior research fellow Dr Ken Harvey, who helped promote the Melbourne event, called for “lower-risk” therapeutic goods to carry a prominent statement indicating that the preparation had not been tested for efficacy by Australian health authorities.

Dr Harvey said a video of the ‘overdose