No modelling undertaken to determine co-payment impact on EDs

"You asked whether we had modelled what might occur with the introduction of a co-payment. We have not done that," said Health Department deputy secretary Kerry Flanagan in response to questions from Greens' Senator Richard Di Natale on Monday. 

Ms Flanagan said the department had relied on "past evidence of what may occur with attendances if you introduce a change either in an emergency department or in the GP space", including the four-hour target in emergency departments. 

"There was discussion... about the concerns that states and territories had on introducing the four-hour access target. The states were concerned about what would happen to GP attendances – that is, they would become what is described as a honeypot. Interestingly, I think a lot of the work showed that that did not occur." 

Senator Di Natale said this was a "completely different scenario". 

“It is absolutely staggering that the