Normal is as normal does

NATURE abhors a vacuum. 

No sooner had DSM-5 managed to offload all of its outmoded personality disorders than the ecological niche formerly filled by those disorders was occupied by an armada of hitherto unknown disease states.

GPs struggling to come up with a plausible diagnosis to justify yet another frivolous, yuppie mental health referral need struggle no more. Whereas the term Adjustment Disorder is presently stretched beyond recognition to cover a multitude of petty sins, GPs will soon have a veritable smorgasbord of diagnoses with which to challenge Medicare.

To name but a few, they include: Apathy Syndrome (previously known as laziness); Parental Alienation Disorder (previously known as insolence); Temper Dysregulation Disorder (previously known as being pissed off), and Internet Addiction (previously known as porn).