Nurse practitioners claim $700,000 in MBS services

Medicare figures – spruiked by Health Minister Nicola Roxon on the anniversary of the items’ introduction this morning – indicate NPs claimed almost 29,000 primary care consultations totalling $716,105 to the end of September this year.

Western Australia, the base state for the Revive chain of NP-led clinics, had the most services claimed with $233,249, followed by Queensland with $210,653 and NSW a distant third with $131,266.

Ms Roxon said the figures were evidence of the “true pioneering spirit” of Australia’s nurse practitioners, who had “provided thousands of services for working families in the first year of the Gillard government’s historic reforms”.

“These highly trained and experienced professionals are setting the example for many more of their fellow midwives and nurse practitioners to follow and work in collaboration with doctors to provide Medicare-subsidised services and