Nurses urged to take leadership roles

PRACTICE nurses are being urged to find the courage to stand up and be heard if they want to ensure they influence the future of primary care.

Volunteering to sit on local boards, particularly those of Medicare Locals, will prove critical in steering the direction of the nurse role in the primary care team, nurse leaders say.

Speaking at this month’s APNA National Conference 2011: Roadmap for the Future – Great Expectations, leading professionals said it was critical that practice nurses take that next step.

Julianne Bryce, federal professional officer at the Australian Nursing Federation (ANF), said there were 312,000 nurses in Australia, yet the same people were always seen at a national level.

“It’s really important from a nursing perspective to acknowledge you have the skills to represent nursing at board level,” she said. 

“Nurses shouldn’t just assume someone else will do