Old-fashioned family entertainment has appeal - From Time to Time (PG)

THIS old-fashioned story, ideal as family viewing, is adapted from Lucy M. Boston’s novel The Chimneys of Green Knowe, written in 1958.

It is set in the dying days of World War II, when young Tolly (Etel) is sent to stay with his estranged grandmother Mrs Oldknow (Smith) at Green Knowe, a country mansion that has been in the family for generations. His father is missing in action.

Granny is worried that the house may be lost because of her financial situation, but she’s supported emotionally and practically by her housekeeper (Collins) and her gardener (Spall).

Tolly comes across a girl one day, a girl from the past. She’s Susan (Bennett), the blind daughter of naval captain Oldknow (Bonneville) who is married to Maria (Van Houton). 

The captain is often away fighting in the Napoleonic War, leaving the house in charge of butler Caxton (West). When the captain arrives home he brings with him a young escaped slave,