Orgasm: now another reason to exercise

While sniggering about horseback riding may be nothing new, a US research team notes there is little science behind popular conceptions about female orgasm.

In fact, they wrote, the study of women’s orgasm is “marked by a ghastly trail of mostly misogynist science and pathologising but nearly inept medicine”.

They set out to right these wrongs in an online survey of 530 women aged 18 to 63 years to see if there was any truth to media talk about ‘coregasm’, the sexual pleasure derived from exercising core abdominal muscles. 

What they found was that women reported orgasms following many and varied kinds of exercise, including weight lifting, climbing poles, chin-ups, water aerobics and skating.

Forty per cent of respondents claimed to have experienced an exercise-induced sexual thrill 11 times or more in their life and some were embarrassed by it.

Responses were divided into those reporting