Paediatric sleep specialist slams energy drink caffeine levels

Reports in the Fairfax press today indicated that a survey of 110 patients attending the Westmead Children’s Hospital found that 35% of teenagers reported consuming at least two energy drinks each day.

Dr Chris Seaton, who conducted the survey, was reported to have told Fairfax that “caffeine in high doses is a toxic substance and there has been a couple of reported teenage deaths related to an overdose”.

“They are getting into it before school… Teenagers are limited in getting alcohol and tobacco, but there is no limitation on energy drinks. It's a real free-for-all.”

However in a statement, Australian Beverages Council CEO Geoff Parker said given the small survey sample involved, reports that a third of teens were consuming excessive levels of caffeine were an “overreach” based on “grossly misquoted” data.

“By law, energy drinks are clearly labelled that they are not