Patient feeling blue? It’s as simple as ABC

HUbert Wilkins is not very well known in Australia. He was one of our foremost early explorers, whose feats rivalled some of his more famous counterparts, like Mawson, Amundsen and Scott.

He was the first to fly across the North Pole, take a submarine under the Arctic ice, and the first Australian to fly in an airship around the world. 

His body was traumatised from more than a dozen plane and balloon crashes. But one thing that never plagued Wilkins was mental illness. 

And this is quite typical of people who do things, who belong to a group, and who commit themselves seriously to something that involves them fully and takes them out of themselves. 

In Western Australia, this philosophy has been used to develop what may appear at first to be an overly simplistic approach to mental health and making it as simple as ABC.

Act-Belong-Commit is a community mental health program funded by Healthway WA, with interesting