Paying local donors may reduce overseas surrogacy

Surrogacy Australia president Sam Everingham said compensation would decrease the safety risks and financial burdens currently borne by infertile and same sex couples.

“We want a model that’s like the Californian system where there is recognition that compensation for both egg donors and surrogates is appropriate,” Mr Everingham told MO.

Both people looking for a surrogate and those prepared to be a surrogate should be able to advertise, which would reduce the risk of potential medical complications that occur when surrogacy is outsourced, he said.

“Overseas they are far more likely to do multiple embryo transfer,” Mr Everingham said.

“Fifty per cent of Australians using overseas arrangements have twins, so the prematurity rate is very high.”

The statistics, based on the results of a Surrogacy Australia survey of 217 people and data collected from 14 large overseas surrogacy agencies,