Pharma tale fizzles out

Working with screenwriter Scott Z. Burns, he’s concocted a film that seems at first to be about the evils of the pharmaceutical industry, with specific reference to mind-altering chemicals. 

Psychiatrist Dr Jonathan Banks (Law) is faced with the case of Emily Taylor (Mara), a seemingly suicidal patient whose husband Martin (Tatum) has just been released from jail after four years for insider trading. 

Apparently, they lived the good life before he met the American equivalent of our anti-corruption commission.

She’s fragile and depressed. After her first rather blatant attempt at seeming self-destruction, she’s attended by Banks, who prescribes a variety of pills, none of which seem to have the desired effect. He consults her previous therapist, Dr Siebert (Zeta-Jones) who is supportive. When he’s approached by the representative of a pharmaceutical company and offered $50,000 to trial a new drug on his patients, he