Politics is about survival of the fittest – words

I am quite fond of misogyny. Misogyny and syphilis. You never quite know whether to write ‘y’ or ‘i’, and these spelling quirks give me an odd thrill. Just a pity neither is curable with amitriptyline.

When the Macquarie Dictionary redefined the word ‘misogyny’ the week after PM Gillard threw it at Mr Abbott, I, for one, was cheering. Not for her aim, necessarily, but it’s not often that the definition of a word hits the front page (let alone an opposition leader). 

Labor PMs traditionally have a higher dictionary impact factor than their Liberal counterparts. Think of Whitlam’s cur, Keating’s soufflé and recalcitrant, and Rudd’s... well, at least he tried with programmatic specificity. In comparison, the Libs are all tip and no iceberg.

Word evolution is my thing. I studied schoolboy Latin mainly to converse with Catholic priests and