Practice kept medical records in garden shed

The Pound Road Medical Centre (PRMC) kept the paper records of about 960 patients in a locked garden shed at its former site in Narre Warren South from around October 2012 until an intruder broke into the structure in November 2013. 

The Australian privacy commissioner opened an investigation in December 2013, after media reports revealed that boxes of medical records had been compromised at the site.

In an announcement today, Commissioner Timothy Pilgrim noted the seriousness of the breach because of the sensitive personal information in the records, including patients’ full name, address, date of birth, Medicare number and treatment details.

The boxes also contained results of medical investigations, correspondence between medical practitioners, discharge summaries, staff pay records, batched Medicare vouchers, invoices and accounts to third parties such as WorkCover. 

PRMC said the boxes were taken from a locked room at