Primary's GP cash bonus to be investigated

The sweeteners were offered to doctors at Primary Health Care clinics across the country to be based on their performance in the period from September to February next year, according to a report by the ABC’s national reporting team.

GPs at Primary Health Care clinics across the country were offered $1000 if they wrote 100 new diabetes plans and $2000 for 1000 asthma plans within the six-month period, the ABC said.

A bonus of $3000 was available if doctors saw an extra three patients per day.

The Department of Human Services confirmed today it would investigate the ABC’s report, which is believed to be based on a letter sent to Primary staff.

“All reports about potential prohibited practice, by either a member of the public or a medical practitioner, are reviewed in accordance with our compliance assessment procedures,” a DHS spokesperson said.

It is an offence to offer incentives for overservicing by