PSR chief set to stand down when term expires

PSR director Dr Tony Webber has revealed he will not be reapplying for the position when his term expires in May.

He told MO his decision not to reapply was due to personal reasons and was not related to the recent controversy regarding the appointment of PSR committee members and the subsequent dropping of 39 cases. 

Dr Webber has headed  the Medicare watchdog for the past six years and said the experience had been “very interesting… and very satisfying”.

“I think the PSR is better known now than it was when I took over,” he said.

“That’s a good thing. People need to know how Medicare is regulated and what is expected of them, particularly with the large number of IMGs working in Australia who may not be as familiar with the system.”

Dr Webber acknowledged he had trodden on some toes during his tenure, but was unapologetic, saying the job was not about “pleasing