PSR shelves report to the professions

PROFESSIONAL Services Review (PSR) director Dr Tony Webber has backed down on a promise to publish the annual Report to the Professions this year and will instead add information on specific cases to its annual report.

The news follows earlier calls from the AMA for the information in the report to be disseminated in a more constructive way.

AMA president Dr Steve Hambleton previously argued that while information gathered by PSR committees could be valuable to practitioners, it could be better disseminated to doctors, possibly via the colleges and professional bodies to both members and non-members.

Dr Webber told MO much of the information would be presented via the PSR’s annual report later this year, which would be publicly available to doctors. 

An upcoming series of oral presentations to professional groups including the AMA and colleges by Dr Webber would discuss overall historical experiences of the PSR, he added.