Putting a price on wellbeing

ACCORDING to the International Monetary Fund, Aust­ralia is the 13th richest country in the world and this year will amass a GDP of $1280 billion.

Never before, many would argue, have we had so much – good health, education systems, generally fewer financial woes (despite the global crisis) and a reasonable quality of life with no shortage of material goods. 

So why then, as Australia gets richer, is our mental health declining?

One in five Australians will have a mental illness at some stage, with anxiety and depression topping the list. 

And Australians list mental health in the top three issues they’re concerned about. 

So overall, like our wealthy European counterparts, we are rapidly becoming the “worried wealthy”.

Soon Canada will join the UK and France in introducing new indexes aimed at measuring the quality of life and wellbeing of its people.

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