RACGP in lawsuit over alleged bullying

THE RACGP is being sued for $1 million by a former employee who has alleged the college failed to protect her from persistent bullying by a former colleague.

In a statement of claim obtained by Medical Observer, Heather Klaebe alleges that she was subject to such severe harassment that it caused her psychiatric injury. 

Ms Klaebe’s lawyer, John Karantzis, a partner of the firm Nowicki Carbone, said it would be alleged his client was so distressed she resorted to self-harm. 

Mr Karantzis alleged that from April 2006 to January 2007 his client was harassed by the college’s then operations manager, Christine Stevenson.

Ms Klaebe claims that  Ms Stevenson publicly mocked her proposals, humiliated her in front of her colleagues, excluded her from management meetings and verbally insulted her both personally and professionally.

Ms Klaebe claims when  she raised the issue with RACGP senior management,