Recalled: defibrillator may not deliver full shock

AN EXTERNAL defibrillator is being recalled because it has a fault that could result in failure to restore normal cardiac rhythm, a TGA alert advises.

A small number of Meducore Easy Automatic External Defibrillators being recalled cannot be located, distributor Ferno Australia has told the TGA.

The defibrillators are being recalled for correction because they have a capacitor charging problem that could potentially result in the device not delivering the required electrical shock to re-establish normal cardiac rhythm.

The company says the defibrillators can be corrected by updating the device’s firmware at the manufacturer’s service centre in Germany.

A list of serial numbers of the missing units and a phone number to organise product correction is available on the TGA website.

Customers will be loaned unaffected units while the faulty units are repaired.