Research donations to take a hit due to co-payment proposal

Four in 10 donors say they are less likely to donate to medical research and one in five are much less likely to do so if the MRFF goes ahead, according to the poll. 

Philanthropy is currently the third largest source of medical research funding alongside private and public sectors. 

But the CEO and Managing Director of Research Australia Elizabeth Foley backed the MRFF policy in an interview with MO, calling it a "great government initiative". She said it would not lead to a net loss in medical research funding and would ultimately return Australia to a more respectable percentage of GDP funding level, compared to Canada and the UK. 

"We're at the equivalent of Spain with all its economic woes," Ms Foley said. 

She said it was the job of the philanthropic sector to communicate to donors that the fruits of the MRRF would not trickle down for a number of years — a position discussed by a panel of