Reversing cameras should be law: AMA

AMA (NSW) president and neurosurgeon Associate Professor Brian Owler said that while there was a range of commonsense approaches to child driveway safety – such as driver awareness, driveway design and parental supervision – technology could also play a crucial role in reducing such tragedies.

“I absolutely support the idea that all new cars should have reversing cameras in them,” Professor Owler told MO.

“I understand there are some makes of car that are de-specified when they are imported into Australia in order to be more competitive on price, and as a result do not have the reversing camera, yet they can be easily fitted as standard.

“We should really be requiring all cars coming into Australia to make sure they do meet the highest safety standards. Why is it that a car imported into Australia should be a lower standard compared to any other car exported to anywhere else in the world?”