Rise in children on protection orders

An Australian Institute of Health and Welfare report released today shows the number of children in care continues to rise and is up by 35% compared to 2007.

The number of children on care and protection orders increased by 4% between 2010 and 2011, and the number in out-of-home care rose by 5%.

However, the number of new admissions into out-of-home care per year has fallen, “suggesting that children on existing orders may be staying longer in out-of-home care”, statisticians said.

The report found that the number of notifications of child abuse or neglect to state and territory welfare departments fell by 13% in the year to June 2011, but the rate of substantiated cases remained stable (rising by less than 1%).

A notification is considered to be ‘substantiated’ when it is concluded that a child is likely to be abused, neglected or otherwise harmed.

On the positive side, AIHW spokesman Tim