Roche opposes Cochrane findings on Tamiflu

The review found no clear evidence that Tamiflu, which is on the World Health Organization’s list of essential medicines, prevented complications such as pneumonia in healthy people.

It also found that Tamiflu was unproven to prevent people from contracting influenza and transmitting it to others. It said a statement from the US Food and Drug Administration claiming the drug interrupted transmission was not justified by the data available.

The findings contrast with those of an observational study published last month, which found adults hospitalised with H1N1 influenza were 25% less likely to die from the disease if Tamiflu was administered – a study that, in turn, was criticised by Cochrane authors for its methodology.

Roche retaliated by issuing a public statement that vehemently opposed the Cochrane review findings.

“We firmly stand by the quality and integrity of our data, reflected in decisions reached by 100