Romance trumps satire in this fun farcical tale - Salmon Fishing in the Yemen (M)

This intriguingly titled film, adapted by screenwriter Simon Beaufoy from Paul Torday’s bestselling novel, has a number of things going for it and they include McGregor, Blunt, Waked and Scott Thomas. 

They are all charming in their roles in this unlikely story of a Yemeni sheikh (Waked) who, with unlimited funds at his disposal, has ambitions to introduce salmon fishing into the highlands of the southern Arabian peninsula. He is a passionate fisherman himself. 

When fisheries expert Dr Alfred Jones (McGregor) is approached by the sheik’s factotum Harriet Chetwode-Talbot (Blunt) to help implement the sheik’s plans, he is dismissive, one would say brusque in declining the offer. 

But there are bigger things at stake here. There are two million salmon fishing voters in the UK and the news from the Middle East is consistently bad. The Prime Minister’s press/spokesperson Patricia Maxwell (Scott Thomas) learns of the