Roxon rewind: reform pioneer

After just over a year in her role as attorney-general, Ms Roxon has announced she will quit federal parliament at the next election, scheduled for 14 September this year.

To many, she will perhaps be best remembered for her leadership on world-first tobacco plain packaging legislation.

In a major victory over Big Tobacco, she led the government’s efforts to ensure the High Court would uphold laws that paved the way for cigarettes to be sold in plain packaging by the end of 2012. The laws cast Australia as a pioneer on the international stage in this area, with Ms Roxon front and centre.

But her achievements in the health portfolio are not so clear cut. She oversaw the rollout of the controversial GP super clinics, launched the after-hours line, funded practice expansions across the country and is seen by many as a public health champion.

However, her relations with doctors began to sour in 2008 with her ‘light on the hill