Safety concerns prompt calls for detox product regulation

Consumer advocacy group Choice made the call after reviewing the ingredients and scientific evidence base of 10 popular off-the-shelf detox products ranging in price from $19 to $90 and including the TGA-listed products Bioglan Intense Cleanse, Skinny Mini and Blackmores’ Kickstart Detox.

According to Choice the remaining seven products, formulated as liquids or powders, fall within the Food Standards Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ) Health Claims Standard, which is currently being updated.

These included the QuickTrim Fast Cleanse 48hr Super Diet Detox, the Pure Natural Lemon Detox and the 48hr Rapid Detox.

Volunteers who were used to trial each product in line with instructions provided with each reported feeling “pretty bad – slightly bloated, and a bit headachey” as the result of at least one of the products.

“Many of the products we looked at claim to cleanse, purify and detoxify your organs, however the