Scholarship cuts threaten nurse CPD

The Department of Health and Ageing has cut practice nurse scholarships by two-thirds (66.6%) during the 2010–11 financial year.

During 2009–10, 518 continuing professional development and postgraduate scholarships were offered to practice nurses, consistent with previous years.

Just 173 are now being offered.

It comes at a time when financial assistance for education is most needed, APNA CEO Belinda Caldwell said.

“We have raised concerns about this with the department, and the minister’s office. The need for professional development is fundamental to the introduction of the PNIP, which aims to recruit more nurses into general practice and increase the practice nurse’s scope of practice,” Ms Caldwell said.

“This is about safe practice and nurses being appropriately skilled to deliver on the government’s key elements of health reform.” 

In June, scholarships