Schoolies warning: Don’t mix caffeine and oxedrine

Oxedrine is found in the herb Citrus aurantium (also known as bitter orange or marmalade orange) and is present with caffeine in a range of health products available in Australia.

These goods are marketed as energy supplements, appetite suppressants and weight loss products, but are also used as recreational stimulants.

With Schoolies Week approaching, the TGA is warning parents and doctors to be aware of the potential for health risks, especially if used in combination with illicit drugs or other stimulants.

“Patients with heart conditions and/or high blood pressure may be at increased risk of serious adverse events, including tachycardia, arrhythmias and potential cardiac arrest,” a TGA statement said.

The regulator advised health professionals to tell patients to carefully read the labels of all health products and foods, including those marketed as energy supplements as well as to moderate their caffeine intake.