Scrap the Cap initiative backing swells to 1.5 million professionals

Earlier this week a communiqué featuring more than 20 peak professional, education and industry groups demanded the federal government scrap its proposed $2000 cap.

More groups have since joined with the initial 19 signatories on the communiqué representing engineers, veterinarians, accountants, architects, pharmacists, lawyers and others. 

Scrap the Cap, which began as an initiative by health professionals, is now set to be rebranded as the ‘Scrap the Cap Alliance’ – reflecting the diversity of industries set to be negatively impacted by the proposed tax reform.
The petition on the site has meanwhile amassed more than 11,000 signatures.

Amit Vohra, CEO of the General Practice Registrars Association which started the original campaign, said the alliance would be making a group submission to the government’s consultation process. 

He said while the submission would be centred around the