Sex selection for autism a first for WA

WA Health’s Reproductive Technology Council approved an application from a fertility clinic to select female embryos for a couple at high risk of having a child with autism, according to the West Australian newspaper. 

WA chief medical officer Professor Gary Geelhoed was quoted as saying selecting a female embryo would only be done in the context of a family at high risk.

Associate Professor Mark Bowman, president of the Fertility Society of Australia said pre-implantation genetic diagnosis in NSW was done at the discretion of individual clinics, which were governed by overarching NHMRC guidelines.

“Our unit has done quite a few cases,” he said.

“It is something that is increasingly being recognised around the country.”

He said sex selection was also considered in cases where families had a high risk of haemophilia, where there was a clear association with sex.

"Autism is the most