Steroid abuse in young men a growing concern

THE recent death of an Australian bodybuilder who perished in a sauna from presumed undiagnosed heart disease has again thrown the spotlight on the issue of anabolic steroid use among young men. 

Online pictures of the 22-year- old man show a person clearly using anabolic steroids and who, by all accounts, was a thin person who decided to bulk up.

Many adolescents discover that there is a faster way to build a muscular body than simply training at the gym and eating well. And a muscular body is almost de rigueur in male youth culture. 

This growing muscularity trend among young men carries with it many health risks and consequences.

Go to any gym and you will see young men lifting weights far heavier than they should and their conversations seem to focus on “bulking up”. 

They will often train themselves to exhaustion in the forlorn hope that they can become like their idols on the football field or on