Swisse hits back at critics of university deal

Opponents of the proposed $15 million deal said it represented a fundamental conflict of interest, and three universities claimed to have walked away from negotiations with Swisse.

One prominent La Trobe academic, Dr Ken Harvey, a campaigner for a responsible pharmaceutical industry, resigned his position as adjunct associate professor at the university’s School of Public Health over the issue.

But today Swisse Wellness CEO Radek Sali suggested the critics were ill-informed and acting out of their own "vested interests and hidden agendas".

“Dr Harvey advised last September that he intended to retire from all watchdog activities, suggesting that his recent retirement announcement from La Trobe, citing concerns over the Complementary Medicine Evidence Centre (CMEC), could merely be seen as yet another publicity stunt for a final farewell,” he said.

Mr Sali said Swisse told all the universities that were approached in a