Tamper-proof oxycodone failing

A new formulation of a popular oxycodone brand, OxyContin (Mundipharma), was introduced into Australia in April this year in a bid to prevent people’s ability to snort or inject the drug. 

When mixed with water, the new tablets turn into a gel too thick to be injected or into a marshmallow-like blob when attempts are made to crush them.

However, Chief Medical Officer Professor Chris Baggoley revealed in a Senate Estimate Hearing that a number of people presenting to the Sydney Medically Supervised Injection Centre (MSIC) seem to have found a way to successfully inject the so-called tamper resistant formulation.

Senate Estimates was also told that the abuse deterrent formulation may also be pushing users towards other opiates with reports of fentanyl, morphine and heroin use on the rise.

Medical director of MISC Dr Marianne Jauncey, had told Professor Baggoley that there had been 25 fentanyl self-administrations per week compared