Targeting students key to rural GP shortage

University of Queensland researchers found a clear synergy between the two factors in an investigation of the career outcomes for medical graduates from the period 2002—11.

They found that having a rural background and one or two years’ training at the University of Queensland Regional Clinical School (UQRCS) were both independent determinants of rural practice.

Among UQRCS graduates, there was a positive, nearly linear, correlation between the length of a student’s rural background since commencing primary school and the probability of that student entering rural practice.

But the results also pointed to a strong interaction between rural background and UQRCS attendance in enhancing the probability.

The team, led by Professor Geoff Nicholson, UQRCS director of research, tracked down some 30% of the University of Queensland’s 2478 Australian medical graduates from the 10-year period.

Of the 754 UQ