TGA axes widely used analgesic over safety fears

All analgesics containing DPP would be cancelled from the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods from 1 March 2012, allowing time for patients to safely transition to alternatives, the TGA said in a statement.

While an estimated two billion doses have been sold in Australia in the past 40 years, a safety and efficacy review showed DPP increased the risk of serious arrhythmias, the TGA said.

“The TGA has determined that the overall risk of serious adverse reactions outweighs any benefits that may be provided by these medicines,” it said.

The decision was in line with regulators in the US, Europe and New Zealand, where DPP medicines have been removed .

DPP is currently sold in Australia as Capadex, Di-Gesic, Doloxene and Paradex, all sponsored by Aspen Australia.

Dr Malcolm Hogg, vice-president of the Australian Pain Society and head of pain services at Royal Melbourne Hospital, said DPP had risks that were