Tsunami tragedy and terror

THE Boxing Day tsunami of 2004 was a disaster of incomparable proportions. This film plunges you right into the heart of the devastation through the eyes of a family who lived through it. 

The names and nationalities have been altered — the original family was Spanish but the characters have been anglicised for this film ­­­— but the terror they experienced is palpable in every frame of this harrowing film.

Japan-based Henry  Bennett (McGregor) and his doctor wife, Maria (Watts), arrive in Khao Lak on Christmas Eve to holiday with their three sons, Lucas (Holland), Simon (Oaklee Pendergast) and Thomas (Samuel Joslin).

There are smiles, games, sun and sand. This is a happy family.  But all that will change a couple of days later when Henry is down at the beach with the two younger sons and Maria is lounging by the pool with Thomas nearby.

There is little warning. Birds fly inland, there is a roaring