Voters back nurse-run clinics in NSW

The proposal, floated by the NSW Labor opposition as a step to take pressure off hospital emergency departments, attracted support from two-thirds of the 47,000-plus respondents to an ABC Vote Compass survey.

Labor says if it wins the 28 March state election, two nurse-run clinics will be located in western Sydney, one on the central coast to the city’s north and one in the Illawarra region to the south, allowing patients needing one-off care to avoid waiting for a GP appointment or emergency department care.

The clinics would be open every day from 7.30am till 10pm and suit people with simple ailments such as gastroenteritis, a cut or a sprain, or a parent with a child with an ear infection on a weeknight.

Labor health spokesman Walt Secord said the $40 million plan was modelled on centres which have operated in the UK since 2000 and a trial program in the ACT.

He said the initiative would also enhance the nursing profession, with