When high-fliers fall from grace - The Company Men (M)

WE ALL know of the havoc wrought around the world by the global financial crisis – we’ve seen the many retirees who lost their life savings, the people made homeless by the collapse of the real-estate market in the US; we’ve seen the high-flyers leaving their office buildings, boxes of personal items tucked under their arms.

This film is the story of how the crisis impacted on the lives of three men, all with good management jobs and significant salaries in a company that started out building ships and then branched out into other less substantial pursuits. 

The mortgages, the membership of the country club, the payments on the Porsche, the dining out – all were serviced by Bobby Walker’s (Affleck) six-figure salary as a marketing executive. He bounces into the office one day to boast about his golf score that morning and exits with shock writ large on his face. 

His redundancy involves setting him up at a job