Wit 'n' wisdom - 10 April 2012

DR HARPREET Singh of Byford, WA, saw a young man accompanied by his father for his ongoing tiredness. Physical examination was normal and he ordered some screening investigations. 

The blood tests were reported as normal, while a urine specimen showed the presence of some red blood cells.

On the follow-up appointment, Dr Singh explained all the results to the patient and his father and advised the son to do a repeat urine dipstick examination in the office to look for persisting red blood cells. The young man was shocked by the suggestion and asked him which orifice he would be “dipping a stick” in to check him.

Dr Merian Waks of Carrum Downs, Vic, had a lovely old gentleman come in to see her who started telling her all the things he does that keep him robust at 80. 

He claimed his wife, however, had more energy than he did, despite having a pacemaker. He went on to say that recently, when he was chasing her around