Wit 'n' wisdom - 16 March 2012

His patient opened with: “After me accident at work they’ve assessed me as being 20% decapitated.”

Dr Mac replied, “I thought you had hurt your back?”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

“So you are incapacitated then?”

“No, they told me 20% decapitated.”

“Are you sure it didn’t affect your head?”

“No mate, just me back.”

As Dr Mara Marchesin of Carlingford, NSW, states, a GP requires a wide range of skills in many areas, as evidenced by these recent gems: 

A patient with a “bunyip” problem on their big toe.

A gentleman wanting his BCC “exorcised”.

A lady with a leaking nose who was requesting “Driposone”. 

And finally, an elderly man complaining his “morning glory” had failed to blossom.