Wit 'n' wisdom - 2 March 2012

One of her patients had a large recurrent vaginal prolapse, which she had named ‘Sadie’. Recently, Dr Tedeschi found some of her referrals to the gynaecologist.

1. “Thank you for seeing M...who is accompanied by Sadie, her alter ego.”

2. “Thanks for seeing M...whose friend, Sadie, seems to have procreated, causing pain.”

3. “Re: M... and Sadie’s progeny. Sadie has indeed recently spawned a small offspring, which is causing M... some discomfort.”

Finally, “M... has Sadie’s granddaughter popping out for a regular visit, but still within the vaginal orifice, and not quite down to her knees as described previously.”

Dr Tedeschi then found a recommendation from a gastroenterologist that another patient has a “push enteroscopy” to get a look at his jejunum. This would involve the use of a colonoscope, but introduced orally. Dr Tedeschi found her