Wit'n'wisdom 15 March 2010

DR DIANE Squarci, of Innisfail, Qld, has found time to send us a quick note now that they finally have power restored. 

Cyclone Larry is still quite fresh in the minds of all the locals there and now Yasi has left its mark. An elderly gentleman came to see her recently and requested a script for his “beyond tears”. 

After a respectful silence, Dr Squarci prescribed Bion tears.

Dr Linda Haines, of West Perth, WA, had done a set of liver function tests for an antenatal patient with abdominal pain. She was proceeding to tell her that things looked reasonably good but it was likely she had a condition called Gilbert’s syndrome. 

Dr Haines was rather surprised when the patient burst out laughing. However, it wasn’t until the patient told her that her husband’s name was Gilbert and that she thought she was referring to her pregnant status that she understood why.

A W’n’W legend